Become a T-Shaped Legal Team™

Most corporate and government legal and compliance departments have started to make changes to reduce cost and increase efficiency. And if you need help in running your department more cost efficiently - which many refer to as innovation - you can choose from a multitude of associations, consultants and legal service providers. 

Doing the same things more efficiently at lower cost is important but only to the extent that it allows you to do new, more effective, things that add more value for your business clients - true innovation. To do that you need to transform your team into a T-shaped Team™ and your lawyers into T-shaped Lawyers.

Transforming the way you work in that way is not so easy. It involves knowing when and how to use, develop and apply technology. It also requires many other things including re-imagining your purpose and the way you work, a new vision and mindset for the team and individuals, a range of new knowledge and skills and a specific plan. However, the reality is that coping with everyday demands leaves little time to think about - let alone identify and implement - these changes.

AlternativelyLegal was formed to address that problem. Unlike most consultants and trainers, its founder:

  • has over 25+ years of global in-house innovation experience using 'non-traditional' skills together with business experience developing legal technology 

  • uses that experience to develop a comprehensive, end-to-end program specifically designed for in-house departments that will challenge traditional thinking and provide unique concepts, ideas and practical tools for change

  • provides truly independent guidance because he is not using the consulting or training as an opportunity to sell legal services, talent on demand or technology

  • specialises in helping in-house teams around the world to work in new ways to become more effective, not just more efficient.

Contact AlternativelyLegal if you are interested in becoming a T-Shaped Legal Team and helping your lawyers to become T-Shaped Lawyers.  I will help you to deliver more value to your clients, broaden your skill set, become more marketable and do more varied, interesting and enjoyable work.  


My workshops provide a comprehensive framework for legal department leaders to transform their teams into a T-Shaped Legal Team and also training and guidance to help individual lawyers want to change and develop 'non-traditional' skills to become T-Shaped Lawyers. My clients can also retain me to consult, coach and/or mentor as a Transformation & Innovation Partner for the leaders and/or individuals on the team.  


My focus is exclusively on in-house legal departments but I can and do help legal service providers conceive, develop and deliver new technology and non-legal services for your in-house clients.