During my legal and business career the one constant has been my passion for challenging the status quo and coming up with new and innovative approaches to the practice of law and compliance. The primary aim of such innovation and change in a company is to produce better solutions for the business. However, the legal team also benefits through an increase in perceived value and a shift in focus from routine to more interesting and important work. 

What has helped me reinvent legal and compliance practices is reinventing myself by living in various countries and working in a wide range of legal and business roles with different players in the legal industry - a true 360º experience. As a result of that experience I now look at legal and compliance differently - through the eyes of the business - and try to find opportunities to apply technology and process improvement to develop and implement innovative solutions. I’ve also enjoyed coaching and developing global teams of lawyers, paralegals, marketers, learning and development managers, data scientists, product managers and software engineers to deliver better solutions and, in the process, enrich their skill sets and careers.
I formed AlternativelyLegal so that I could share world-wide my experiences, knowledge, skills - and some specific innovative products - to help individual lawyers, legal departments, law firms and other legal and compliance service/product providers innovate and succeed in the rapidly changing legal industry. The skills and knowledge I intend to share are critical right now and yet are rarely taught in law schools, law firms or legal departments. 
If you need help in reinventing your career, business or department - or if you just want to share ideas and thoughts - please contact me.
Peter Connor
Founder & CEO
AlternativelyLegal Pty Ltd

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