Recent presentations: 
Munich - ACC Annual Europe Conference in 2015 on innovation in legal practice

Sydney - UNSW Law School Hackathon in July, 2016.

Portugal - ACC Europe Annual Conference 2017 on career diversity and the skills necessary to 'reinvent' yourself.

Hong Kong - In-House Community Legal Tech and Innovation symposium in 2017 on the topic of 'Will law firms become software companies'

New Zealand - 2017 ILANZ Conference - the annual New Zealand in-house lawyers event on 'Software is Eating the World - the implications for in-house lawyers'

Sydney - ACC Session in 2017 on 'The New Normal Snapshot' - an update on trends in the legal industry and the implications for in-house lawyers

Hong Kong - Keynote speech on "The Evolution of the In-House Legal Function" at the In-house Community Annual Congress in 2017

Singapore - Inhouse Community Legal InnoTech Forum in 2018 on 'Will Law firms become software companies"

Beijing - In-House Community Annual Congress in China 2018 on 'The T-shaped Lawyer - the evolution of the in-house lawyer"

Sydney & Melbourne - KPMG Catalyst events in 2018 on 'Transforming Legal Departments'

Brisbane - IACCM ( International Association of Commercial Contracts Managers) Annual meeting in 2018 on 'The T-shaped Contracts Professional'

Sydney - Legal Buying Council - Legal Procurement event in Sydney on the topic of 'Will Law Firms become software companies and the implication for in-house legal procurement"

Singapore - General Counsel Summit in 2018 on the topic of 'The T-Shaped Lawyer - new skills for new roles in new times'

Dubai - In-House Community Congress in 2019 on the topic of ‘Where to now for In-house Counsel?”

Hong Kong - Judging In-House Community Awards and presenting at their gala dinner in 2019

Malaysia - Being MC at the General Counsel Summit in Kuala Lumpur conference and speaking on “Transformation Traps- lessons learned from helping in-house legal teams innovate and change’