As I explain in my article 'The T-shaped Lawyer' - published in the Association of Corporate Counsel's Docket magazine and Legal Business World - new knowledge and skills are required if you want to better collaborate with your business and functional colleagues to innovate not just for the legal and compliance department but for your organisation. I outlined what specific skills are critical for that purpose and explained why. Learning how to use these skills helps you to be more effective - not just more efficient - and add more value, be more valued and marketable and frankly do more varied, interesting and enjoyable work.  

The problem is where can you source this type of training? Typically you won't have learned these skills at University or at work. Attending legal conferences may enhance your network but won't provide you with these skills. Many law firms offer training - often for free - but lawyers working in firms, and most consultants, don't have experience at using these 'non-traditional' skills especially in an in-house context. 

I have developed a comprehensive training program - specifically designed for those working in-house - based on my personal experience at using these skills throughout the world during my 25+ in-house legal and compliance career. The program is called Everything But The Law™ and it covers a range of critical new skills together with other key topics that can be covered in training or consulting. I provide this guidance anywhere in the world by focussing on individual topics in short sessions or combine them into a 1 or 2-day workshop, where I outline a vision and an end-to-end framework for legal department change.