Recent presentations: 
ACC Annual Europe Conference in Munich in June 2015 on innovation in legal practice

 UNSW Law School Hackathon in July, 2016.

ACC Europe Annual Conference in Portugal in May 2017 on career diversity and the skills necessary to 'reinvent' yourself.

In-House Community Legal Tech and Innovation symposium in Hong Kong in June 2017 on the topic of 'Will law firms become software companies'

2017 ILANZ Conference - the annual New Zealand in-house lawyers event on 'Software is Eating the World - the implications for in-house lawyers'

ACC Session in Sydney in August 2017 on 'The New Normal Snapshot' - an update on trends in the legal industry and the implications for in-house lawyers

Keynote speech on "The Evolution of the In-House Legal Function" at the In-house Community Annual Congress in Hong Kong in October 2017

Inhouse Community Legal InnoTech Forum Singapore 2018 on 'Will Law firms become software companies"

In-House Community Annual Congress in Beijing China 2018 on 'The T-shaped Lawyer - the evolution of the in-house lawyer"

KPMG Catalyst events in Sydney and Melbourne on 'Transforming Legal Departments'

IACCM ( International Association of Commercial Contracts Managers) Annual meeting in Brisbane on 'The T-shaped Contracts Professional'

Legal Buying Council - Legal Procurement event in Sydney on the topic of 'Will Law Firms become software companies and the implication for in-house legal procurement"

General Counsel Summit - Singapore 2018 on the topic of 'The T-Shaped Lawyer - new skills for new roles in new times'