Drawing on experience, as head of global compliance for a major multinational technology company, developing and implementing a comprehensive global compliance program over several years, AlternativelyLegal offers the following services:

Program Development Developing effective compliance programs that meet regulatory expectations and also engage with employees is a challenge and requires fresh thinking and approaches. AlternativelyLegal can, as outlined in the AlternativelyLegal™ Compliance Solutions infographic below:

  • design and develop (then hand over to an internal resource) and/or
  • manage on an ongoing basis,

all aspects of compliance programs covering all compliance topics or selected aspects of these programs or selected topics.

Program Monitoring/Review. Regulators expect you to regularly monitor the effectiveness of compliance programs. AlternativelyLegal can review your compliance programs and provide recommendations for enhancements. 

Program Support. AlternativelyLegal can provide support for any aspect of your compliance program anywhere in the world by, for example:

  • advising on how to design a practical data privacy or anti-bribery program that complies with global requirements
  • conducting an investigation for a fraction of the cost of a law firm and providing practical remediation measures, and
  • providing in-person training to your business colleagues in international locations.